A sports media degree may suit you if you love sports and want to turn your passion into a career. You can choose from various careers in this field, including journalism, broadcasting, and marketing.

Many sports media degree programs are available online or in a hybrid format so that you can study on your schedule. You can also take advantage of scholarships and financial aid programs.


If you love sports and are passionate about storytelling, a journalism degree may be the right choice. This degree can prepare you to work in different media types, including news writing and television reporting.

You’ll also learn about communication law and other topics important to working in the field. These courses will help you build a strong portfolio that will make you more marketable to potential employers.

Whether you’re a reporter, anchor, or broadcaster, a career in sports journalism can be extremely rewarding. As a journalist, you’ll be responsible for informing the public about events in their local and national communities.

If you want to pursue a career in sports journalism, you’ll need to earn a bachelor’s degree. Some universities offer online programs that can help you finish your degree quickly. You can also complete an internship to gain experience in your chosen field.


A sports media degree can take you anywhere in television, radio and digital media. It’s a great way to stay connected with the games you love and make a living.

A major in broadcasting can teach you how to call games, cover events and build the excitement that drives audience interaction and interest in sports on a global scale. It can also give you the business skills you need to build a successful career on and off the air.

LIU Brooklyn offers a bachelor’s in sports communication and marketing, the first in New York City. The innovative program provides students with a wealth of hands-on learning and a robust alumni network that includes sports experts and industry professionals.

Media Relations

A sports media degree can help you land a job in the media relations industry. These jobs require extensive communication and interpersonal skills. Typical duties include:

  • Developing and maintaining relationships with journalists and other media sources.
  • Coordinating interviews and events.
  • Communicating news about your organization or team to different outlets.

A media relations strategy should be built around your company’s marketing objectives. Identifying your goals will help you determine what type of stories are best for the media to cover and what kind of messages can drive the most impact.

A good media relations strategy should also include a thorough market research process. This research will identify your target audience, which media channels they use and where they get their news. Once you have determined these targets, you can build your media list and pitch story ideas to journalists. It would help if you also built relationships with journalists by engaging on social media and attending industry events.


With a sports media degree, you can work in marketing or advertising for various sporting events and organizations. This is a highly competitive field, so staying current on the latest sports marketing trends is essential.

Today’s fans have shorter attention spans, so sports teams and players must make sure they are communicating effectively with their audience. This includes using social media to share content that engages their fan base and attracts new ones.

A sports marketing campaign can greatly impact a company’s reputation and sales. For example, a beer company recently created funny commercials for a Superbowl game that quickly gained millions of viewers.

Marketers in this field need to create and manage various campaigns that align with their clients’ goals, such as growing ticket sales or increasing merchandising revenue. They also need to know how to track the ROI of their marketing efforts to measure their strategies’ effectiveness.