You’re currently tackling the logistics of putting together a stellar sports event—and it seems like the list of to-dos is endless. While that may be the case, there’s one overarching theme you don’t want to slip past the planning phase: an elevated fan experience. We don’t just mean freshly popped popcorn, jumbo beef franks, or cocktails on tap—although those all sound like great ideas—we’re talking about a next-gen stadium experience fans will never forget.

The key? Fusing technology with the customer experience and immersive entertainment. Read on to learn how introducing state-of-the-art technology at your next sporting event can create a best-in-class experience for attendees. Implement these tips and watch ticket sales go through the roof!

Digital Ticketing

Ditch the long lines and paper printouts with ticketless entry. With today’s technology and seamless connectivity, you can easily set up in-app ticketing to create a more efficient and convenient experience from the get-go. Less time fumbling in your pockets and waiting in a never-ending queue means more time enjoying the event—and the snacks.

In-Seat Food Delivery

Picture this: You’re getting an ice-cold beverage when suddenly, you hear a big play roaring from the court. Do you wait it out or abandon the concession line? With in-seat delivery or scheduled pick-up, fans won’t have to miss a play. Who doesn’t want to indulge in a fully loaded hot dog or frozen sweet treat without having to walk around an entire stadium? Before you know it, you’ll have to hire delivery drones as part of your staff.

Interactive Entertainment

With the help of new technology like AR, VR, and AI, fans will have the chance to interact virtually with players and share their experiences on social media with the click of a button. From taking pics with their favorite team using mixed reality to slipping on VR goggles and shaking hands with mascots to having the latest game stats available on-demand, tech-savvy fans are showing up to games with the expectation of entertainment both on and off the field.

Offer better connectivity and provide fans with an enhanced VIP experience with virtual tours before and after the event, multi-angle viewing, AR overlays, holographic moments, and more—all from the comfort of their seat via their mobile phone.

The Big Screen

You’ve got the portable screen in your pocket covered, but how about the big one? While this technology has been around longer, the jumbotron should be looked at as another way to provide venue-wide entertainment through engaging content experiences. The era of the “game break” screen that cuts to silence is over.

Think: High-def replays, sports trivia that can be connected to fans’ mobile apps, inclusive and participatory activities like the dance cam, kiss cam, crowd-noise meter, half-court shot, giveaways, and more.

Now that you’re back to planning, scouting venues, crafting up guest lists and running through your checklist, remember, the not-so-secret secret to achieving a next-level sporting experience is all about raising the fan experience. Fans want to feel like they’re involved, and technology will help you achieve just that!